Fox Trapping and Removal

Red fox trapping is an art, based on special skills and thorough knowledge of their behavior. Foxes are one of the smartest animals in the wild nature. Outsmarting them is the ultimate reward for many professional trappers who have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Fox Trapping and Removal in Baltimore

Red Foxes are shy animals, so you will rarely see them in a day light. They are most active at night. They often prey birds and small animals as well as small house pets - cats, dogs and rabbits. The often go after dog or cat foot left outside by home ownders for their outdoor pets.

The Red Fox lives alone until mating season. After mating, foxes will make a maternity den for raising young. Most often they will find and use an old hole used by another animal. The den is usually chosen where there is raised ground so the foxes can see all surrounding areas.

Most trappers cannot catch foxes, but we can! in fact it's our specialty!

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