Black Snake Trapping and Removal

Tom Roach Animal Trapping offers professional black snake trapping and removal services in Baltimore city, Baltimore county and other areas of Maryland.

Baltimore Snake Trapping and Removal

All snakes are meat-eating predators. Snakes love to eat small animals such as mice, rats, bats and chipmunks. They also eat insects. Any home or business that has a rodent or bat problem could become the perfect site for a snake infestation.

If a snake should choose to die in your home or business, the dead-snake odor can make it into the living/working quarters.

Snakes have no ears or eyelids so their long forked tongues help them to smell. They are completely deaf but can detect vibrations.

Black snakes are harmless and should be viewed more of a symptom of a rodent or bat infestation your property may have.

Looking for More Black Snake Control Options?

Our Baltimore Partner: At Once Wildlife Solutions
Our Partner outside of the area: Allstate Animal Control